Sunday, July 27, 2008

Renee Fleming Event

I wanted this event to have a very feminine, sexy look to pay homage to the guest of honor, world renowned singer Renee Fleming. I worked with one of my favorite floral designers, Julie Borrud at Bella Rugosa, and together we created this design scheme~

Featured in the picture above (from left): Becky Benaroya, Maestro Gerard Schwarz, Renee Fleming and her partner *photo credit to Ben VanHouten Photography*

* floral design by Bella Rugosa at

Saturday, July 26, 2008

wedding album

Here are a few examples of the decor from my own wedding last summer.
It's so much more fun (and so much less stressful) to plan someone else's!My bouquet had deep pink roses, orange leaves and kumquats to celebrate my South African husband's roots. The centerpieces were three silver julep cups of varying sizes filled with three separate types of flowers- pink roses, orange kumquats and crocosmia and lime green orchids and bells of ireland~
A signature cocktail is always a nice (and economical) touch. I couldn't have an English wedding without my favorite summer drink, Pimms~

We hung silver glass lanterns from India in the lovely when the sun set~

Our wildflower seed favors also served as escort cards~

Fireworks over the Hood Canal to end the night~

portfolio pieces

~asian themed arrangements~
bar decor
~peony tulips, stargazer tulips, euphorbia and tulip leaf rosettes~I love how vibrant and bright these colors are together and that they have such an exotic look, yet are locally grown Northwest tulips.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Spring Recital Lunch March 08

This is an annual event to celebrate our endowment donors. The luncheon includes a private performance by Seattle Symphony musicians and is attended by 100+ people each year. Here are some pictures from this year's lunch. As always, the decor budget was tiny so I asked friends to bring in lilacs from their gardens that day and arranged them that morning. The centerpiece flowers all came from Pike Place Market and included different varieties of tulips in purple, pink and green and fresh parsley (which also smelled fantastic!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Power of Light

A friend in New Zealand just sent these pictures from their recent wedding reception held in a winery. I wanted to share them here to show that you don't need a lot of money to put together a stunning event. I can't wait to try a "light curtain" at one of my events...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

in need of paparazzi...

I'm in the middle of planning our opening night gala at work and I'm in need of paparazzi. That's right, fake photogs to heckle our guests as they arrive on the red carpet. Nothing speaks glamorous event like a guy in a tatty leather jacket yelling your name across the room. So where do you find such a thing? Well given our complete lack of funds, I think I am probably going to find some young, willing actors to play the part but turns out there are talent agencies that will rent out fake paparazzi by the hour. Makes you wonder about all those US Weekly magazine events doesn't it?

the trouble with terrariums

I love to garden and I live in the right part of the country to grow just about anything. But what if you yearn for lush green foliage and you live in the middle of the AZ desert? The solution is a terrarium: tiny gardens filled with succulents or woodland plants, moss, stones or orchids.

I have noticed a trend in recent months of the growing popularity of terrariums. In fact, they are everywhere, popping up in hotel lobbies, restaurants and garden shops. I love them so much that I used them as centerpieces for a recent event on a boat. They are easy to make, easy to keep alive and can provide a little oasis in an urban apartment. Here's a little step by step guide:

1. Find a clear glass container. It can be anything- a vase, jam jar, low dish- but it has to be clear glass. Frosted or patterned glass won't let in enough light.
2. Fill the bottom with a 3/4 in layer of gravel and add a little gardening charcoal (available at any garden center)
3. Play with the design of your plants before planting them in some potting soil. Remember that the plants will grow so you need to allow some room for that.
4. Voila! A finished terrarium. Keep in bright light and water once a month. Easy!
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